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Fully Automated Car Wash Services in Saint John

A spotless car is a reflection of your personality. Head over to East Side Car Wash for safe and clean car wash services in Saint John. We use top-of-the-line equipment to ensure car cleaning is done with precision. We also offer quick self-serve car washing and vacuuming facility, which spares you those long wait times. You have the option of choosing a wash from our list of car washes depending on your requirement. Our automatic car wash menu is crafted based on the features and complexity of the washing cycle. These include:





East Side Car Wash also offers customers with packages that come with extra benefits. The fleet car wash packages range from $6-$10. If you pay for 10 washes in advance, you get two complimentary car washes. Call us for pricing.

Touchless Car Wash now OPEN!


Types of Car Washes 

East Side Car Wash offers various types of wash services such as:

Touchless car wash

Tap and wash with wash and dry

Self-serve car wash bays with Hot water

Interior self-serve shampooing/fragrance vacuum


Self-service Car Wash

We offer quick self-serve car washing and vacuuming facility to all our customers. We have four coin-operated vacuum machines that deliver quality service for your car. We accept almost all forms of payment including MasterCard PayPass, Visa payWave, Interac Flash, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and cash. Additionally, we also have a coin/bill changing machine on-site for your convenience. Drive-in today and gift yourself a sparkling clean car wash service.


Wide Range of Self-storage Options

We offer a variety of storage options based on your requirement.

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